Did someone say we might have snow at the Jersey Shore this weekend? The answer is yes and the person who said it is our meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

If you think you are the only person who thought snow was behind us, you would be wrong. I would have bet on it. But I'm not a meteorologist, and Dan is. And here's what he's saying about this weekend.

We might see a mix of rain and snow starting as early as tomorrow (Saturday) night, but Sunday is the day that a coastal storm could bring multiple inches (mostly on grassy surfaces to the parts of our area away from the coast). Ironically, Sunday is officially the first day of spring.

He says we might even see some snow showers lingering on Monday morning. Seriously? Just when we were getting into our spring groove, right? Well, it is March at the Jersey Shore and these things tend to happen once in a while.

It'll just make us appreciate the nice warm summer days a little more, right? Remember, you can check out Dan's weather blogs anytime to stay up to date on the latest weather conditions.