20 People You Never Knew Were In The New Jersey Hall Of Fame
The New Jersey Hall of Fame highlights Garden State citizens who have completed tremendous accomplishments throughout the years. These people might have once lived in New Jersey or still do today. The New Jersey Hall of Fame says, "The people we celebrate have overcome every imaginable obstacle…
Lorde Spends Time in Asbury Park
Asbury Park is a huge draw for a lot of reasons, especially for music lovers.
The city is always playing host to amazing talent, ranging from the local to the international, and this past weekend was no exception, with one Grammy-winning rising star stopping in to work on some new tunes.
Who Is The Celebrity You’re Most Sick Of Hearing About?
We hear and read a lot of things about a lot of celebrities throughout the course of a normal day. Most of the time we soak it all in, sometimes laughing, sometimes gasping, but mostly always intrigued. But there are some celebrities that get way too much attention.

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