Christmas 2015

Santa's Neighbors
Santa and the elves work hard all year to prepare for Christmas and they don't have to worry about any distractions from their neighbors. Wait, Santa has neighbors?
Double Buying
It may be a new term, but it's an age old Christmas tradition. If you have completed your Christmas shopping but still continue to buy gifts, then you have double-bought.
Warm Christmas Week
If you've been dreaming of a White Christmas, you may either have to wait until next year, or plan on doing some traveling.
Christmas Eve Or Day?
With only days until Christmas and the shopping and prepping almost done, our attention turns to the gifts and family traditions.
White Christmas At Jersey Shore?
After days of near record or record warmth at the Jersey Shore, it should come as no surprise that our odds of a White Christmas are pretty slim, and meteorologists are now confirming it.

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