Don't Go Barefoot: Billions Of Cicadas Bring Out Pit Vipers
We already told you about those 17 year periodical cicadas emerging this spring...BILLIONS of these bugs lie dormant for 17 years and then pop up though the ground like a horror movie. That is supposed to happen this May. Well hang onto your hat because apparently this influx of cicadas triggers o…
Why do Cicadas make such a loud racket during the summer?
You get up every morning, grab some breakfast, and then your off to work or school but all of the sudden you hear a loud screeching sound coming from the trees. These are insects known as cicadas and there are a couple reasons as to how and why they make such a pulsating sound.
Are You Ready For The Cicada Invasion?
National Geographic's website describes them this way, "Shrimp sized bugs with transparent wings and beady red eyes", and they say millions are on the way. The Cicada invasion of 2013 is coming. Great.