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Purple Rain – Cocktail of the Week
It's been a minute since we've had a cocktail of the week, but if there was ever a time to bring it back, this is it!
Fans worldwide are mourning the loss of Prince, and in his honor, this week we're making Purple Rain.
Heat Miser Margarita – Cocktail of the Week
I think we've all had enough snow for a while, and now that a lot of schools have called a snow day for tomorrow, we could probably all go for a cocktail right about now.
After a long day of shoveling, treat yourself to a little heat, courtesy of the Heat Miser Margarita.
Golden Bubbles – Cocktail of the Week
With Powerball frenzy in full effect, we're paying homage to this insane (now $900 million!) jackpot with an adult bev worthy of the richest and those with simply rich taste.
Nothing screams opulence like gold and Champagne right? We'll combine both into one delicious cocktail.
2015's Top Cocktails
I like to kick off every weekend with a Cocktail of the Week recipe, because, well...Fridays are better with cocktails.
Why not ring in 2016 with some of the year's most popular drinks? Here's what you liked most:
Yule Nog – Cocktail of the Week
Last week I shared a recipe for Christmas Cinnamon Sangria, perfect for big holiday get-togethers.
If you're not feeling the wine (or you want something a little less fruity), why not serve up a glass of creamy Yule Nog?
Blackberry Citrus Twist – Cocktail of the Week
Whether you did your Black Friday shopping online or in-store (or not at all), you're probably in need of a post-frenzy cocktail.
Just like the insanity of the Thanksgiving holiday and the shopping, this week's cocktail is a little sour, a little sweet, and totally necessary!
Cranberry-Pomegranate Sangria – Cocktail of the Week
One of my favorite things to make for holiday get-togethers is a big pitcher of sangria. It's easy to make, can be done ahead of time, and can totally be adjusted to suit your tastes.
This version is perfect for Thanksgiving, and brings together yummy fall flavors without being overly sweet.

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