Show Us Big Hair for Bon Jovi Tix
Bon Jovi are known for a lot of things - rock and roll mega hits, sold out shows, and of course their big hair! So we want to see your best Bon Jovi hair from the 1980s for a chance to see the guys at an exclusive Jersey Shore show!
Workout Wednesday Fitness Tip: Arm Circles [VIDEO]
Especially now that it gets dark so early, I feel like it's way easier to make excuses for not working out, but that doesn't mean you can't fit some activity into your workday! Let's get this Workout Wednesday going, with a little help from Power 1 Fitness in Oakhurst!
Memories From “Today” in The Point Studio
Tomorrow we say goodbye to our Ocean Township studios. No worries, we're not leaving your radios, we're just moving. For those of you who have seen our studios, you know the walls are covered with posters and signs...our history here at the Point. My contributions are a little more vibrant than most.