We Narrowly Escaped A Hawk Attack! What Do I Do Now?
I'm from Jersey born and raised and I have to say one of the things I love about Jersey is that I'm 100 percent comfortable here. I know Jersey. I love Jersey. After moving around the country for my radio job it really feels like a huge exhale to be home. I like that I don't get too much nature here.
COVID CRAZY KIDS: Boardwalks To The Rescue
My kids are going CRAZY being homebound in a COVID winter. Today for example I caught my daughter sitting on the top of our wood floor staircase on a dog bed as a make-shift sled and as I screamed, "nooooo" she threw herself and our puppy down the stairs for a thrill. After making sure no one had to go to the emergency room I asked her why she did it and she said she was so board that she just had to do it. That's why I'm listing some places to hit asap to relieve this kid (and yours) of cabin fever. Here are some local boardwalk spots to keep you and your kids sane during the winter!
New Jersey LOVES Their Dogs…This Is How You Know If They Love You Back
At the Jersey Shore, we love our dogs with all our heart. For example, have you ever felt that you love your dog more than most people? Have you ever had a long day at work and all you can think of is going home and cuddling up with your pooch? We love them purely and deeply which really is amazing when you think about the fact that you’ve never even had a conversation with them. It got me wondering, is there a scientific way to know if they actually love us back? Also, there anything we can do to strengthen that bond? After lots of research, the answer is YES and YES!

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