downtown Toms River

Do YOU Know About The Tom River Hidden History Trail?
Do YOU Know About The Tom River Hidden History Trail ? It is a really cool way to see some of Toms River's "hidden" historical sites. It's perfect for those who love history and Ocean County. Toms River is full of great historical sites and now they are part of the project called…
Downtown Toms River Is Pokemon Go Ground Zero
Pokémon Go fever may be one of the fastest breakout fads ever. In only a week, it has become one of the most used apps in the countries that it was officially released in. In that time, you may have noticed hordes of people wandering around staring at their phones. Particularly in Downtown To…
How to Help Hometown Heroes
Our friends at Hometown Heroes, the 501(c3) non-profit that helped countless families and business recover after Hurricane Sandy, suffered their own tragedy this morning, and they need our help.