embarrassing moments

Not Exactly A “Man” Moment At The Home Improvement Store
I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to home improvement, but I found myself at the home improvement store yesterday picking up a plug I need for a fountain in my yard I'm working on. I've always considered the home improvement store a place where men go to be men. Guys talking about tools and building stuff and other manly things. In other words, I was a little out of place. And it got wor
Is There Anything Funnier Than an Embarrassing Story?
Job interviews seem to be a breeding ground for embarrassing stories. One time many years ago, I went on a job audition in the city and thought I nailed it. I went into the studio and read a few things and I was feeling pretty good. When I left the studio I headed to the lobby, where someone came up to me and asked if I knew how to use the subway system. I thought it was to check my knowledge of t
Melissa McCarthy Tells Embarrassing Story About Spanx On ‘Ellen’
We've all worn them, and for the most part women think Spanx are a gift from the heavens. They suck everything in, make you look smoothed out and a good ten pounds thinner...but sometimes those Spanx can steal your dignity right out from under you...just ask Melissa McCarthy! Check her hilarious and embarrassing Spanx story from her recent visit to Ellen.