Beach Etiquette at The Jersey Shore – Use It!
Going to the beach is something we at the Jersey Shore look forward to doing in the summer. We battled through the ups and downs of Mother Nature’s fury. By the time summer gets here, just taking a day to lay on the beach seems like a great stay-cation. That is, until...
ATM Etiquette: How Far Away Do You Stay [POLL]
I was at an ATM in Point Pleasant the other day and there was one guy making a transaction and two guys standing about 20 feet away from him just talking. I couldn't tell if they were just hanging out or waiting on line.
Ever Get Cut In Line? Awkward Moments At A Restaurant [POLL]
Ever have somebody cut you in line? What did you do? Did you say something or did you let it happen? My wife and I walked into a restaurant in Point Pleasant yesterday and were waiting to put our name in for a table and the front of the restaurant was pretty crowded. The hostess was trying…
When Is Too Late (Or Early) To Call/Text? [POLL]
It's definitely happened to finally fall asleep and **ring** **ring**. You wake up in a stupor trying to figure out what that sound is, squint at the clock, and groggily answer the phone.
"Hello?" "Oh...were you sleeping?" "IT'S 3 A.M.!…
Show Some Manners!
In this age of texting and social media, are we becoming even less polite now that we don't actually have to have conversations face-to-face?