extreme weather

Morning Update
The Jersey Shore has our eyes on the track of Joaquin and what impace it may have on our area. So does Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.
Tropical Storm Joaquin
Meteorologists are keeping an eye on newly formed Tropical Storm Joaquin, which could have an impact on the Jersey Shore's weather this weekend.
Coldest Day In New Jersey History
We're in quite a cold spell here at the Jersey Shore, nobody needs to tell you that. But take the coldest day we've had this winter and subtract 30 degrees. Now you're getting some idea of what the coldest day in New Jersey history was like.
This current cold spell has all of Monmouth and Ocean Counties bundling up early this season. So how cold will it get and when will it be over?
Jersey Shore – Extreme Weather Or Extreme Worry?
It was a brutal winter with visits from the polar vortex and constant cold, and this summer we've already seen our share of severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings and watches and high winds. But is this really extreme weather or are we just extra worried since Sandy?
Stormy Weather
Severe storms in the Mississippi and Alabama have produced strong winds, hail and tornadoes and, tragically, news reports say the weather has resulted in 28 deaths overall, according to accuweather.com.

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