What Really Happened With Teresa Giudice's Daughter?
Oooooohhh no Teresa opened pandora's box! Now that the RHONJ is back with season 11, we can really dig into some local Jersey drama and believe me there seems to be no limits to what these women will say or do to each other. What recently happened has taken things too far.
You’re Paying Too Much: Jersey Shore Micro Houses Change Everything
Everyone always thinks bigger is better but I’m here to make an argument for the total opposite. What’s the number one factor that keeps people from living in the places that they really want? The cost. “It’s too expensive to live waterfront” “it’s too expensive to be in a major city” “I can’t I can’t I can’t”. Well, what if I told you that you can live in your dream location, but you would just have to pack lighter? Introducing my latest obsession, micro living.
How to protect your pipes during arctic temperatures
With polar-like conditions set to bring frigid air to the Jersey Shore this week, New Jersey American Water wants homeowners to take the necessary precautions now to prevent frozen and damaged household pipes, that could put your home in the cold during the inclement weather.

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