Hurricane Sandy

5 Scary Signs of Climate Change at the Jersey Shore
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Well, today is Earth Day, and I would personally like to thank the Earth for putting up with me for 20 years. I think all of us can agree that we really take our planet for granted...
That Sick Sandy Feeling
I was in my backyard early this weekend securing lawn furniture and decorations as the wind was whipping around me and I got the feeling.
Great Radio You Wish To Never Hear
Lou, Liz, Laurie, myself and the rest of the Point air staff are always involved in the community. That's what The Point is all about. Superstorm Sandy left the Jersey Shore in shambles and made what we do on the radio everyday more important than ever. The days following Sandy are some of my p…
Jersey Shore – Extreme Weather Or Extreme Worry?
It was a brutal winter with visits from the polar vortex and constant cold, and this summer we've already seen our share of severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings and watches and high winds. But is this really extreme weather or are we just extra worried since Sandy?

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