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5 Reminders Why We're Lucky to Live at the Shore
When my family used to live in Arizona, I would be in awe of the surroundings the entire time. I don't know about you, but sometimes I take living here for granted. You just have to stop, look around, and remind yourself this is a pretty spectacular place.
Answer - Jersey Shore Spot
We frequently ask you to name a Jersey Shore spot with only a small picture of it to work with. The one we asked you to identify yesterday was one of the more famous spots we've done.
Jersey Shore Spot
We recently asked you to name a popular Jersey Shore location with just one photo and one clue. Did you get it right?
Jersey Shore Spot
It's time once again to test your knowledge of the Jersey Shore. Let's see if you can name the Jersey Shore spot.
Jersey Shore Spot
We want to see how good you are at identifying places along the Jersey Shore, and this one is a good one.