Laurie Cataldo

Laurie's Big Announcement
I have written and re-written this first sentence six times now, because as someone who talks for a living, I'm always trying to find the right words to say. One of the best pieces of advice I got when I was first starting radio was to keep it simple. So I will.
Do You Embrace Change?
We've moved into our (temporary) new digs. For all intents and purposes, the "radio" stuff is all the same -- our engineers did an incredible job. Here's the thing: All the slightly different things? They are absolutely driving me nuts, because I will openly admit that it…
Laurie VS. Cupcake [VIDEO]
As the year comes to a close, I've been thinking about some memorable moments at The Point from 2011. This video instantly came to mind. Lou & Liz were nice enough to get Laurie Cataldo a red velvet cupcake for her birthday. But they made her work for it. Enjoy!
Home Depot
Laurie Cataldo at the FREE Martha Stewart Living Holiday Small Projects Do-It-Herself Workshop!