Favorite Jersey Shore Baseball Team
The Jersey Shore is full of long suffering Mets and Phillies fans, and it's also full of Yankees fans. That's why the results of our "Favorite Baseball Team" poll are so surprising.
Jersey Shore Baseball
Another baseball season is about to begin, and some would say a lot has changed in the past few years. So we thought we would find out if the Jersey Shore's team is the Mets or Yankees.
Lou as a Zombie...
When I saw this picture I knew it was from this weekend, but I couldn't remember if it was from the Halloween party we went to, or the Mets game or the Giants game I unfortunately watched.
Lou's World Series Journal
Mets fans aren't used to having a team in the mix in late October, so I didn't want to forget my thoughts during this historic time so I decided to keep a World Series journal.
Lou's World Series Journal
It's been a long time since Mets fans enjoyed rooting for their favorite team at World Series time. Now that my team is in it, I wanted to record my journey through the 2015 World Series.
Lou's World Series Journal
I decided I would keep a journal during the World Series so I can have a reminder of how I felt during this monumental time in my Mets fan life.
Game 1. I write this entry with exactly 174 minutes of sleep after staying awake for literally the longest game in the history of the World Series, and what…
Lou's Letter To The Mets
Mets fans have waited a long time for this week. i want to let the Mets know what's on my mind before it all gets started this week.

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