New Jersey Natural Gas

Meet the Man Lou & Liz Co-Host with in Asbury!
You are always hearing about our friend and honorary Co-Host: Tom Hayes from NJNG. He is the reason that New Jersey Natural Gas sponsors a mobile studio for us every Friday morning in the summer at the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Here's what you need to know about Tom.
Help Families with One Click
Three years after Sandy, there are STILL neighbors of yours who haven't been able to afford to rebuild, lift, or otherwise fix up their homes enough to move back in. These families continue to struggle to keep their kids in their 'home' school district (which they may now have to pay to do), and som…
Winter Glow Ball
The 2015 Winter Glow Ball for the Arc of Monmouth is less than a month away, so make plans to be part of this great event.
Lou & Liz Too Close
Liz and I agreed to appear on a TV show produced by Monmouth SCAN. I thought we should appear separately, but everyone said to appear together.
Weekend Kickoff
It seems like Memorial Day Weekend got here, you blinked, and now we're getting ready for Labor Day Weekend.
NJNG Community Outreach
We have learned through our live shows from Asbury Park that New Jersey Natural Gas has an amazing commitment to helping organization who help our area.

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