Should Governor Christie’s Weight Be A Political Issue?
Governor Christie talked a lot about his weight during his visit with David Letterman. He has a good sense of humor about it and makes a lot of jokes at his own expense. He also says he's in good health. But, let's say he runs for president. Would his weight affect your…
Should The Point Play Kesha’s ‘Die Young?’
94.3 The Point sends its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. We are always sensitive to the feelings of you, the listener, as it's our job to provide you with the best music, entertainment and information. Your input is always welcome, and i…
The Cost of Hurricane Sandy Recovery [POLL]
President Obama is expected to ask Congress for $50 billion in Hurricane Sandy aid. That sounds great...until you realize that the governors of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut have asked for $82 billion in relief aid.
So who should foot the bill?
Dog Lovers – Mind Your Own Business
I had an incident at the Pet Smart parking lot the other day that got me fuming. And while it doesn't take a lot to get my temper going, I think I was justified. Simply stated: It's my dog, mind your own business!

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