Touching Photos of Support for the Shore
It's been amazing to see communities come together in times of need and as we restore the shore. But, the aid is not only coming from your neighbors, friends and family, but from complete strangers from all over the country. Some were sent here as part of their jobs, some were just compelled to help…
Kate Middleton Topless – A Royal Double Standard? [PHOTOS]
Just a week after pictures of a naked Prince Harry in Las Vegas were tweeted for the world to see, French photographers have snapped photos of Kate Middleton on a private yacht with Prince William. The royal family is fuming, but Kate seems to be getting more heat. Is this fair?
A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram
Instagram seems to be coming up more and more, and lots of people are confused as to how it works.
It's not nearly as confusing as it seems. This should serve as a step-by-step guide of how to use Instagram and what it is.
Katy Perry Has Wardrobe Malfunction [PHOTOS]
We've all been to Breakwater Beach, Hurricane Harbor or some water park and had this happen. We go down a slide and lose some clothing along the way. If you're lucky, it's a quick fix and nobody notices. The difference between us and Katy Perry is that we don't have paparazzi aro…
Dramatic Post-Storm Photos
It was a quick moving storm, but in less than an hour it left thousands without power and havoc on roadways. See some unbelievable photos from of the storm in action and its aftermath from JSHN contributors.

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