Purple Rain – Cocktail of the Week
It's been a minute since we've had a cocktail of the week, but if there was ever a time to bring it back, this is it!
Fans worldwide are mourning the loss of Prince, and in his honor, this week we're making Purple Rain.
Watch: The Best Prince Live Performances
When the news broke that Prince had died today, it absolutely took over my newsfeed, and I realized that his influence spans generations and genres.
The man was a legend, and while I never got the chance to see him perform live in person, I always loved his energy and pure talent on stage...
Remembering Prince in NJ
Today we all mourn the loss of a music icon. Prince's experimentation of sound changed the landscape of music forever. He was often ecentric, but that's what made him an amazing performer. That is was set Prince apart from the rest. He wasn't just a musician, he was a true artist. Check out this ent…