My Birthday Card To My Wife
Sometimes someone means so much to you, "Happy Birthday" just isn't enough. You can't let the pace of the world go by so fast that you don't take the time to let someone know just how much they mean to you.
16% of Women Would Stop a Man from Doing this on a First Date
Are you the smartest person at the Jersey Shore? Listen weekday afternoons at 5:20 for Matt Ryan’s Nearly Impossible Question. This week's winners score a $50 gift card to 709 in Point Pleasant!
Here was the question for Monday April 29th.
The average woman would stop a man from d…
Are You Part Of An Annoying Couple?
Everybody knows a couple that does it. Way too cute on Facebook, constantly attached to each other's hip and always talking about their own relationship.But the question isn't if you know a couple like this. The question is... are you that couple?
Here Comes Valentine’s Day and Here Comes The Advice
Every Valentine's Day it seems everyone becomes an expert. You'll hear from "experts" about love, relationships, break-ups, ex's, husbands and wives, and anything else associated with love. I don't usually agree with most of it, but I did find some exp…
Be Prepared, It’s Break Up Season
As if we don't have enough to worry about with snow and ice and cold and Christmas bills and all the other bills and the flu...welcome to break up season, and there's some science to back it.

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