Veteran's Day

Thank You Veterans
They have made indescribable sacrifices. They have put themselves between us and danger. They have displayed amazing courage. Today we offer our thanks.
Veterans’ Day Celebration Set
Toms River pulls out all the stops for its 2014 Veterans' Day Celebration. All retired service men and women and their families have a special invitation to join the community as residents offer a salute.
Transformation Video of Homeless Vet is Stunning
On this Veterans Day, we take a moment to say 'Thank you!' to the thousands of men and women who have or are still serving our country at home and overseas.
A shocking number of vets come home damaged and in need of help that seems non-existant, and it's easy to cast off these individu…
An Amazing Superstorm Sandy Lost and Found Story
Yesterday was Veteran's Day and we would once again like to salute and give thanks to the brave men and women who served our country and, in some cases, gave the ultimate sacrifice. The timing of this story is mind blowing and unlike other Sandy stories, this one has a happy ending.
Veterans Need To Be Remembered And Honored All The Time
When the hurricane hit, we immediately turned to the people we knew could help those in need, help us get to our homes and help us get the power back on. When they arrived we treated them like heroes, and they were. And now is a time to remember what truly amazing heroes our vete…
Thank You Veterans
Sam Greenwood, Getty Images
It's a dangerous world we live in and we are so fortunate to have incredibly brave men and women to protect us. We are also extremely lucky to have the families of those brave people support them in every way. On this Veteran's Day, I just wanted to take a minute to say 't…