Taste of Home Cooking Show 2012
Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie said in a press conference that after officials had inspected the Jersey Shore's barrier islands that it was estimated that the areas between Bay Head and Seaside Heights sustained the most damage. This 3 minute video confirms that.
Crazy Listener Thinks Deer Follow the Crossing Signs [AUDIO/VIDEO]
We've all probably had a close call with our cars and and deer, or even worse, an accident. This radio listener says it happens because municipalities put deer crossings on highly traveled roads. She continues stating her theory by saying we should move the crossing signs to less traveled areas, so …
Dog Shaming Caught on Video
Recently I wrote about a new trend called "dog shaming." It's the act of putting a sign describing what bad act your dog has done in front of them while taking a picture. Now, dog shaming has gone to the next level with video proof of a K-9's unscrupulous acts.

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