Preparing For Sandy At The Jersey Shore [POLL]
It's becoming increasingly important to keep an eye on Hurricane Sandy and it's possible effects on our area in the upcoming days. Everyone from Alan Kasper to the New Jersey Office of Emergrency Management and the National Weather Service have their eyes glued to it's progress.It's a tough storm to predict.
Which Birthday Is The Dreaded Number? [POLL]
I just had a birthday yesterday and it was awesome. I'm fortunate to be doing something I love and I got to spend my day with the people I love, so which birthday it is didn't really matter to me. Later in the day, though, a conversation broke out in the office about age.
Snow Blankets Jersey Shore
I went to the home improvement store to do a little shopping and pick up some Halloween stuff Saturday. I, like most people, try to shut down a little bit on the weekend, so I hadn't heard the forecast. I just didn't expect all the snow.

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