Take a Look at the Snow Moon Over the Jersey Shore
February is coming to an end, but before February is done we have a full moon which will be visible Friday thru the weekend. This month's moon is referred to as the "Snow Moon" kinda appropriate considering we saw some decent snow here at the Jersey Shore during February.
A Real Unique Career Opportunity in Toms River, New Jersey
We are in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic and for many, it is a very challenging time not only healthwise, but also financially. So many have had businesses cutback or close during this past year. Money has become a very important issue to many families here at the Jersey Shore and around the …
Hiking NJ: Fort Lee Historic Park
So in the latest edition of Hiking NJ I found myself in Bergen County at the Palisades Interstate Park. The park hosts numerous sites and trails within its area, right along the Hudson River on the Jersey side.
New Jersey the Birthplace of FM Radio
For me this was going back to where it all began. What am I talking about? The birthplace of FM radio, my profession, which has roots right here in New Jersey! It’s the Armstrong Tower (pictured above) and it’s located in Alpine, New Jersey.
One of the Most Haunted Places in Matawan, New Jersey
We hear about haunted houses all the time, but do they really exist and if they do, which ones are the MOST haunted? Haunted houses come in all shapes and sizes and often don’t look like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyworld. Many times they appear like ordinary homes that could be in your neigh…

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