This past Saturday night was a great night at JBJ Soul Kitchen in Toms River. We anted to thank you for helping make it such a success.

I was honored to be asked to be the first guest host at the Toms River JBJ Soul Kitchen Saturday night for a Valentine's weekend celebration, and Liz showed her 'skills' as well.

We got to meet so many fantastic people who were enjoying an awesome meal and helping our neighbors at the same time. It was a true community night and we were proud to be a part of it.

So, what did I learn about Liz as a waitress when she worked the table I was sitting at? Here are some observations:

Don't have Liz as a waitress if you like...

Bread. She never brought it over. A server from another table noticed I didn't have any and brought some over.

Cold iced tea. Yes, I eventually got my iced tea, without any ice. I wanted ice...that's why Soul Kitchen GM Lou Morreale had to come over to me to say, "Do you want ice? We have plenty of ice."

Dessert. My order had to be put in just before the kitchen closed by...yes...another server.

All kidding aside, we had a great time being a part of a great evening at JBJ Soul Kitchen, (and Liz did a great job) and there are more big events coming up, including more guests host, so check in at the JBJ Soul Kitchen website for event updates.

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