We are working our way through a really warm fall at the Jersey Shore, but as they say in Game of Thrones, winter is coming.

And we all know one or two people who are convinced that the warm weather we're experiencing now is something we are bound to pay for in the upcoming Jersey Shore winter.

Does that mean more snow for us this winter? The Farmer's Almanac actually says that we'll have a wet winter here at the Jersey Shore, but also a mild one, so that's some good news.

But just because it's milder, it doesn't mean it'll be warm enough to keep the snow away. The Almanac says we'll have more snow than usual. Uh oh. Maybe those winter worriers are right after all.

By the way, in case you ever wondered what the coldest temperature ever  recorded in the Garden State was, get your coat on, we're about to tell you. It was 34 degrees below zero, and it happened in River Vale on January 4, 1904, according to msn.com.

Just to put that into some perspective, that's 66 degrees below freezing, and it's 106 degrees below room temperature. And that 34 below was the temperature, not the wind chill!

No one thinks it's going to get that cold this time around, but you never know. Winter is coming.

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