We may see, or even visit these attractions all the time. So let's take a step back and see what visitors of the Jersey Shore enjoy the most. According to Trip Advisor, these are Monmouth and Ocean county's most popular attractions. 


  • (photo: Mike M. via TripAdvisor.com)
    (photo: Mike M. via TripAdvisor.com)

    Silverball Pinball Museum - Asbury Park

    This place is awesome, what a treasure! My only mistake was not bringing my camera. They have working pinball machines from just about every decade. Video games from the 80's and skeeball. You pay at the door for how long you expect to play for and every game is set to go, no quarters. They have signs above all the games with really interesting dates, descriptions and facts about each one. Grandparents to kids, this place is fun. They do offer food like pizza and drinks.

  • (photo: BulLNJ5 via TripAdvisor.com)
    (photo: BulLNJ5 via TripAdvisor.com)

    Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson

    Awesome list of roller coasters (El Toro is the best one I have ever been on), large selection for the kids, good food, LOTS to do (safari and water park as well), fright fest in October is so much fun.

  • (photo: sanjeev_sharma via TripAdvisor.com)
    (photo: sanjeev_sharma via TripAdvisor.com)

    Jenkinson's Boardwalk - Pt. Pleasant Beach

    Dylan, our six-year-old nephew loves Jenkinson's Boardwalk. We took him to Jenkinson's last night. It was a beautiful Sunday night in June and the boardwalk was crowded, families enjoying the rides, arcade, and games of chance. In addition, we had pizza and ice cream, played some games of chance, won prizes both at fishing, basketball and whiffle ball as well as the crane machines and skew balls. A great night for adults and kids alike.

  • (photo: rosieposie555 via TripAdvisor.com)
    (photo: rosieposie555 via TripAdvisor.com)

    Barnegat Lighthouse State Park - Barnegat Light

    The lighthouse is a good stop for anyone visiting Long Beach Island. The story center is really nice to read up on the history of the light house. We also took the trip up the light house steps, it costs $3 per person, which wasn't too bad. Wasn't too difficult of a climb. The view from above was great, you can see a lot from up there.

  • (photo: beachmorticia via TripAdvisor.com)
    (photo: beachmorticia via TripAdvisor.com)

    Ocean Grove Beach - Ocean Grove

    Fine white sand, a mile of beach to stroll along, splash in the surf, or swim. Requires a beach pass in season. The nicest of ocean beaches.

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