I don't know who keeps coming up with these idiotic, life-threatening social media challenges but whoever it is, they deserve to be grounded in their room with ABSOLUTELY NO access to the internet.

The next challenge that you should be aware of is called "The Outlet Challenge."

People are partially plugging in their cell phone chargers into an outlet and then inserting a penny so that it touches the metal prongs -- so much stupidity in one sentence; I can't even.

A lot of people have already taken part in this challenge and there have been multiple incidents reported of outlets being scorched or sparks flying.


“These actions are extremely dangerous and could potentially start a fire and cause thousands of dollars in property damage. It could also cause serious injury to anyone who is nearby,” said Plymouth Fire Chief Ed Bradley. “These actions are also grounds for criminal charges.”

The internet can be a dangerous place so talk with your kids to make sure this challenge isn't on their to do list.

Better safe than sorry.

Take a look at the original article at NJ.com.

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