If your kids still haven't decided on a career path, maybe you can steer them in the right direction with this new list.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career site Zippia has compiled a list of the 100 highest-paying jobs in New Jersey based on average salary.

"Having a medical degree of some sort is obviously the best way to go," Zippia spokesman Nick Johnson told New Jersey 101.5.

At an average salary of $270,790, surgeon comes in as the No. 1 profession in the state, followed by orthodontist. Much of the top 15 relates to the medical field, and that typically requires some extra schooling beyond four years of college.

"The lesson here is, obviously, specialize in something, go to school as long as you can because it's going to pay off in the end," Johnson said.

Chief executive officers also rank among the top 15, along with judges. According to Johnson, judges are paid more in New Jersey than in most other states, and anesthesiologists are paid less.

Beyond a position's average salary, Zippia's list also includes the entry level salary, which shows how an employee's spot on the economic ladder can change significantly by staying in the same field for several years.

Lawyers in New Jersey, for example, see an average entry level salary of $67,340, but the job ranks No. 24 on the list with an average overall salary of $145,970.

Coming in at No. 100 is financial analyst. Not too far beyond that... radio reporter.

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