If the road work at the intersection of Routes 166 and 37 has not caused you to utter curse words at the top of your lungs, you are a better person than I am.

My blood pressure can't take it any more. I spend a HALF HOUR to go ONE MILE yesterday and came THIS CLOSE to missing a really important appointment.

In yesterday's case, I was coming down Rt. 37 West (heading east) attempting to get onto Parkway North. But with the construction shutting down lanes at the now infamous intersection known as construction HELL, and the vehicles trying to exit Parkway South onto Rt. 37, it was IMPOSSIBLE to MOVE.

Add to that the anger issues of all the drivers, making their own lanes, speeding ahead in the left lane and on the right shoulder to cut off those of us who were waiting so long as it was, and then...finally getting onto the parkway BUT dealing with those that knew 'shortcuts' that entered the Parkway at another entry nearby but were so raving mad by that point that they wouldn't hear of merging or driving the speed limit and were driving like total lunatics.

And forget about it if you're heading west on Rt. 37 East and trying to make the jughandle after the diner to get onto Main Street....it AIN'T HAPPENING. There is no more ramp....just a pile of DIRT that has been dug up.

Or, if you're on Main Street and trying to head to the Parkway North entrance on Rt. 37....yeah, good luck with that!

People are gonna die either because of insane driving because people have lost their minds over the construction...or they're gonna die of a stroke/heart attack from the seething buildup of resentment at whoever is running this craphole show.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

In fact, downtown Toms River has had it, too! So many businesses have been affected for so long that it's a wonder they haven't all closed by now.

SO... Downtown Toms River is asking for a CALL TO ACTION:

They say their town and county officials have been doing their best to stay on top of the state and pushing to get this project completed. this project which has taken far too long. Toms River has been doing everything they can, including passing resolutions, sending letters and making phone calls. Now they want YOUR voices to be heard. Call your local representatives. Ask them to expedite this road work. Remind them that YOU VOTE!

Here are the contacts:

Senator James W. Holzapfel, District Office: 852 Rt. 70, Brick, 08724 (732) 840-9028

Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin: District Office and phone are the same as above for Senator Holzapfel

Office of Governor Murphy, PO Box 001, Trenton, 08625, (609) 292-6000

And, if nothing else, call DOT Community Constituent Relations at (609) 530-2110

Downtown Toms River is asking you to 'be the squeaky wheel...before your wheels fall off from all of these road troubles!'



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