You have until the end of the month to drive through Six Flags Great Adventure's Wild Safari. If that isn't enough reason to make a visit, here are 6 more.

They are Asian small-clawed baby otters that weigh less than one pound each and need to be bottle fed every four hours.


Their names are are Jackson, Cali, Baxter, Roxi, Sushi and Pearl and they'll be living in the Safari Discoveries section of the park. Visitors will even get to see the babies learn to swim in the "Seafari Theatre Underwater Viewing Pool."

It's shocking that these animals are on the Species Survival Plan. They only grow to be 10 pounds in adulthood. In their native Southeast Asia, they are hunted and are being displaced due to pollution and loss of their habitat.

They are said to be very social animals and park officials are expecting guests will take a liking to the posse.


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