A man that has a “rare soul” and who is proud to be a United States soldier, Medic Christopher Anderson is this week’s Warrior of the Week.

After being nominated by three different people, you could tell that this “warrior” is loved and respected by many.

Born and raised in New Jersey, the 2005 Brick Township High School graduate explored other fields upon high school, which included graduating from the police academy.

“At the beginning his passion was to serve his country,” said Nicole Dwyer, Anderson’s sister.

After great success in other occupational fields, Anderson joined the military in June of 2012.

The 26-year-old is currently serving in Afghanistan as a medic.

“His wife served with him out there until she was injured and sent home,” said Mrs. Dwyer. "Thankfully she is doing well, but it's hard for us all now while praying he stays safe, as well as all our soldiers.”

Anderson’s main responsibility is to provide emergency medical treatment and limited primary care, and health protection

“Chris was always the life of the party, but kept everyone safe at the same time,” Said Mrs. Dwyer.

“He was hardly shy and always determined to be the best he can be. Even in High School he was an amazing football player and a great role model on how to be fun, smart, and athletic at the same time.”

It is people like Anderson who make the United States a safe, ideal and superior place to live.

Thank you.