Diane and I were sitting on the deck in the backyard, enjoying the weather around 7pm yesterday, when all of a sudden this thing flew by. I would normally shrug and say it was a mosquito, but this thing had to be 3 inches long. And it had an attitude.

When it briefly landed on the house I was going to get my phone to take a picture, but frankly, I was afraid it was going to grab the phone from me and throw it to the ground, or call his friends for backup!  Actually, it flew away too quickly to get a picture, but it was big...believe me!

I don't know if the warm weather made bigger mosquitoes or if a bigger type of mosquito has migrated to the Jersey shore this year, or if I'm just seeing things. I might be seeing things, because I swear this thing was wearing a sweatsuit like they used to wear on The Sopranos. 

Let us know where you've seen huge mosquitoes in the comment section below.