Route 37 in Toms River is becoming a deathtrap. The issues go beyond the nightmare that is the intersection of 37 and 166. A woman is lucky to be alive after a pothole caused her to lose control of her motorcycle on Saturday.

Kevin Fries riding behind his girlfriend Leeza Ziemski on Saturday.

Around the area of Coolidge Avenue and Route 37, Ziemski hit a pothole and caused her to lose control of her Harley. As you'll see in this dramatic GoPro video, her boyfriend had to swerve at the last second to avoid hitting her.

Ziemski told Toms River Patch that:

I'm in a soft cast from my shoulder to my wrist, but the helmet really saved me because my head hit the ground like a basketball.

Ziemski's boyfriend, rightfully so, is angered by Toms River's road conditions. He wrote on Instagram:

Everywhere on 37 it's a sea of potholes. Toms River NJ fix the potholes because you're gonna kill people.

Everyone who travels Route 37 is fed up with the lack of action taken to finish the project at 166 and 37 and the general condition of Route 37. We get frustrated when it takes forever to navigate around the mess. This is different. This is a case of where two people almost died because of a neglected roadway. We pay taxes for repairs! Toms River Township, NJDOT, why is this taking so long? This couple and we as a community deserve answers.

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