Reading, writing, 'rithmetic...

It's about that time again, and while parents may be ever-so-slightly happy to see the kids get back on the bus, they likely aren't thrilled at the dent it puts in their wallets!

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

The National Retail Federation says that while the numbers are down from last year, "families with school-aged children will spend an average of $634.78 on apparel, shoes, supplies and electronics" for the upcoming school year.


And if your child is involved in any kind of extracurriculars, you're probably paying a fee for that too!

Surely a lot of that cost goes towards new clothes for the school year, and there are ways to save in that department, but no matter what the purchases are, that's a huge burden for parents.

'Sale' is probably the sexiest word you'll see this month.

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