This amazing 1-year-old Persian was rescued by the Monmouth County SPCA and is now our Point Pet of the Week.

Little Miss Merlin (Monmouth County SPCA)

When the SPCA went down south to rescue some dogs from a shelter where they would have been put down, they came across this precious purebred cat who had been turned in by her owner (I cant imagine why...people would give anything for a cat like this!)

Little Miss Merlin is as fluffy and cuddly and purry as they come....with that funny Persian face that will make you smile every time you look at her!

She's good with other cats and dogs, too, so I know you'll be as tempted as I am to take her into your home. Her only special requirement? She needs lots of brushing!

To meet Merlin, go to, or call them at 732-542-0040. She will be gone hurry!

By the way, it must looks like she weighs a lot, but she is actually really's just all of that incredible fur that makes her look large, lol!