Stephen Colbert was named as David Letterman's successor on The Late Show after his retirement in 2015.

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I'm very 'eh' about the decision, considering I don't watch The Late Show nor The Colbert Report. That said, there are some other folks who should have been considered as the replacement host.

I'm sure Stephen Colbert the man will do a fine job, though plenty of his fans are upset about the demise of Stephen Colbert the character...a crucial distinction. A lot of people who know Colbert never understood that he was playing a character on his show, and thus think he's an egotistical nut job.

Some others who deserved a shot at the gig?

1. Craig Ferguson
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I thought this would have been an obvious choice, as he is the current host of The Late Late Show, which airs after Letterman. Though he might sometimes be difficult to understand, what with the heavy Scottish accent and all, the man is f'ing hilarious, and it would have been nice to see him move on up in the late night talk world.

2. Chelsea Handler

Handler has her moments where she shines as a late night talk show host, a seemingly difficult (if not downright impossible) position for a woman to land. Thoroughly self-deprecating and brutally honest, she's a definite change of pace from the regular talk shows. She's a little too brash and over-the-top for most though, which I think ultimately kept her from getting the Late Show gig.

3. Jon Stewart
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The Daily Show is one of those shows I don't watch regularly but when I do, I wonder why I don't watch it more often. Stewart has perfected the balance between news, satire, and interviews, and is consistently funny. The biggest problem with him taking over The Late Show? It would end The Daily stay *right* where you are, Jon.

4. Conan O'Brien
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Sure, Conan has his gig on TBS, but a lot of folks are saying this would have been his chance to redeem himself after the fiasco with Leno and NBC. I never really find Conan all that funny, but there are PLENTY of people who would have followed him to CBS.

5. Tina Fey
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Fey seems to be the one person that would have been a really solid choice in my book, and someone I actually might have tuned in to watch. It would have been great to see a smart, funny woman like Fey take over the spot, and I think she would actually be really successful if she did it, but as a friend of mine noted, 'when you take that kind of show on, it's more or less the only thing you do with your career and [she has] so much more to offer and probably wouldn't be wise to lock [herself] into that box.'

And so Mr. Colbert. It's on pressure!

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