While I'm sure it's been happening for some time, I just noticed I see very few kids playing outside. I'm going to start sounding like my Dad here, but "when I was a kid" we lived outside. 9AM I was out the door and it was rare that we were back home before the streetlights came on. Summer was great because you got an extra hour. There were always neighborhood sports going on, you rode your bike everywhere and were smart enough to never tell your parents "I'm bored" or "there's nothing to do."

  • Ride Their Bikes

    When I was a kid you had to replace your bike's tires at least once a year. We used our bikes to get everywhere. It was always a bonus when you found the back roads to get to your favorite place that was on the busy road you weren't allowed to ride on. There was also that time you tried to ride on that busy road, only to get caught by your parents who were in the car. How did they always know?

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  • Walk to or Wait at the Bus Stop

    When I was a kid I waited at the bus stop rain or shine or snow. If it was raining, we'd find a house with an overhang and then run over when the bus arrived. When I was in high school, I lived too close to the school to get a bus. Plus, I didn't get my license until I was I was a senior. So, I had to find a friend with a car or walk. I don't see as many kids waiting on bus stops. I find this odd considering there are a lot more bus stops now. Usually the bus stop is occupied by a row of cars with kids in them. This row wraps around the block when it's "cold" (under 50 degrees) or if it's raining.

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  • Jump Rope

    When I was talking about this on the air, a ton of listeners said they don't see kids jump rope anymore. Roseanne from Belmar e-mailed these suggestions:

    Stick ball

    Bottle caps

    Slap ball

    Punch ball

    Touch Football

    Johnny on the Pony

    Iron tag

    Coco Levio

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  • Climbing Trees

    Climbing trees...a lost art. Why did we climb trees? Why did we do a lot of the other things we did as kids? Remember that lucky friend who had a tree house, or a fort? Maybe you were that kid. If you were, I'm jealous.

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  • Play Neighborhood Sports

    Baseball, kickball, hockey, basketball, football, and races were all possibilities in the neighborhood. Most importantly, they were NOT ORGANIZED. They were just fun. You won some, you lost some. You played with your friends and didn't take it too seriously. When was the last time you saw a neighborhood baseball game that didn't involve organized teams?

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