The S.O.B. known as the polar vortex has come our way again, and with it, freezing temps.

According to my handy weather devices, it's a brisk 21° here at the Townsquare Towers.

A quick search and I found some surprising places around the globe that are warmer than the frigid tundra we call the Jersey Shore.
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  • 1

    Denver, CO

    The Mile-High city, 12 miles from the Rocky Mountains, in a state known as a common destination for winter sports, is 54°.

  • 2

    Seattle, WA

    Surely they drink so much coffee because it's so dark and cold in Seattle...nope. They're sitting pretty at 46°.

  • 3

    Anchorage, AK

    Surely, SURELY, Alaska in the middle of winter is colder than NJ. Nope. Anchorage narrowly beats us today, coming in at 22°.

  • 4

    Vancouver, CA

    Canada! The Great White North!

    Vancouver is a balmy 46° today.

  • 5

    Upernavik, Greenland

    Greenland. The floating chunk just south of the Arctic circle, KNOWN to be covered in ice.

    The lovely town of Upernavik is 28°...still warmer than Jersey.

  • 6

    Reyjavik, Iceland

    Okay, fine, Greenland isn't icy enough. Iceland! Iceland can't possibly be warmer than's the LAND OF ICE.

    And it's 32°.

  • 7

    Gothenberg, Sweden

    The tour of Scandinavia continues to Gothenberg, Sweden, which is 23°.

  • 8

    Base Esperanza, Antarctica

    You've got to be kidding me...but no. Antarctica, as in polar ice caps and 36°.

  • 9

    St. John, USVI

    Okay, so this isn't surprising at all. St. John is a gorgeous island in the middle of the Caribbean...and they have sunshine today, and a high of 84°. Lucky bastids.