Charlotte Sometimes turns the heads (and chairs!) of all four judges!

Not only is Cee Lo the COOLEST, BADDEST rock star mentor, but only he could get away with talking about the talent while petting the the big, white, live (!) Persian Cat on his lap......HA!!!!! Shows his softer side, lol.

And now for Charlotte. In case you didn't get to see her debut, she is 23 years old from Wall and when she was 14 she found out her jaw had disintegrated. She was told her jaw could fracture at any moment. After surgery, she had her jaw wired shut for five months and was told by her doctors that she might not be able to sing again.

But for Charlotte, this wasn't an option. So while her jaw was wired shut, she began writing songs and humming them while playing her guitar. She says giving up wasn't in her vocabulary.

And now, after a 4-chair turnaround, Charlotte will get to compete on The Voice on NBC! I am so excited for her, and for choosing Blake Shelton as her mentor. Here's wishing you all the best, Charlotte!