If you thought the only threat at the "big box stores" was during the rush on Black Friday, think again. A local man was arrested at Best Buy for trying to sneak merchandise out of the store under his coat.

On Sunday, Robert Dosil Jr., 32, of Toms River, was spotted trying to hide merchandise from the Howell Best Buy under his coat. When he was leaving the store he was approached by employees and charged at one knocking them to the floor. A second employee was able to hold Dosil before being punched in the eye.

The incident continued out into the parking lot of the store where Dosil broke free briefly before being taken down again by more store employees and then detained by the Howell Police.

Two of the Best Buy employees suffered cuts, bruises and swelling, but didn't require medical attention.

After being released from the hospital Dosil was taken to the county jail in lieu of bail. He faces charges including robbery by force, aggravated assault, shoplifting and possession of hypodermic syringes.