With a standing room only crowd attending the meeting, the Borough of Avon decides to give the Avon Pavilion owner a new lease!

Almost 2,000 signatures were on a petition from those who love Avon AND the Avon Pavilion where many look forward to spending their summers not only at the beach but in the wonderful boardwalk restaurant, food and ice cream shoppe, and boutique.

The hurricane destroyed all that, but left behind our memories. Everyone thought, including the owner, that it would get rebuilt until a surprise decision by the Board of Commissioners to NOT honor their lease.

This caused an uproar by fans and friends and supporters of Avon Pavilion and after much controversy, a huge petition, and outraged residents and vacationers alike, there has now been a positive turn of events and now there is a new ten year lease with the option to renew!

Of course the pavilion won't be rebuilt in time for this summer (and once it is rebuilt, there will be larger restroom facilities) but the deal is for the owner to provide food and drink stands this summer.

I will wait for the day that I can once again drive by in the spring and see the big sign saying it's time to book your Mother's Day brunch there...a sure sign that summer is on the way! I couldn't be happier to know that one day my favorite place for pancakes will be back!