We love black cats and kittens....so since it's Halloween time, here are some adorable black cats that need forever homes.

The Monmouth County SPCA has some precious black kittens and cats up for adoption.

(Eclipse, MCSPCA)

Meet Eclipse. He is the most adorable black kitten I have ever seen. He is 3-months old and loves to play. Until he gets tired, and then he loves to snuggle! His other favorite things include other kittens, purring, and every kind of toy there is!

(Jasper, MCSPCA)

Next comes Jasper, a long-time favorite of the staff at the MCSPCA. He is a special-needs cat and his owner could no longer take care of him. But he is a 7-year old mushball and his feline diabetes is actually quite easy and inexpensive to treat. This beautiful cat is gentle, loveable, and loves to be pet, and he gets along with other animals.



(Shadowkins, MCSPCA)

Then there is Shadowkins...another longtime resident of the shelter. He is FIV+ and would prefer to be an only pet. But he is such a great cat that he hangs out on the staffs' desks and even is allowed to lay right on top of their pocketbooks! He even likes to sit on their laps while they work, and, if he's not getting enough loving, he will drape himself right over the keyboard! Since his immune system is weaker than the average cat, he just needs to be kept inside and up to date on vet visits and vaccinations.

(Blake, MCSPCA)

Next, meet Blake, who has had some bad luck being overlooked since so many people want kittens instead of an adult cat. He loves people and wants all of your attention, so he does not want to live in a home with another cat. He is outgoing, playful, and snuggle..and just gorgeous, too! AND, he is only a year old! For more info on the MCSPCA locations and hours, CLICK HERE!


Meet little Apollo! He is only 3 months old and doesn't even weigh 3 pounds yet! He is as adorable and funny and playful and loveable as a kitten can be : )

(Apollo, MCSPCA)


And now for Galinda! She was found as a stray on Broadway in Long Branch. That is a busy street so she is lucky that someone found her and saved her from being hit by a car since this sweet, lovable little girl was in the middle of the street! She is a year-and-a-half old, and full of affection and playfulness. And she may not have to be an only pet, as she seems to be getting along with other kitties so far!

(Galinda, MCSPCA)