How far would you go to protect your child?

 Body armor companies are seeing a surge in sales of bulletproof backpacks following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Some parents are taking advantage of anything that can help protect their kids. One dad bought the backpack for his daughter and then instructed her  to put it on to help stop the bullets should someone with a gun come into her classroom.

There are, of course, parents who would disagree on further scaring a child with anything like this, but there are already drills in schools that address what would be done in a lockdown situation such as an intruder entering the hallways.

Although this isn't a solution to the terrifying problem of our kids possibly being unsafe in school, and although it's understood that your child isn't going to walk around all day with a backpack (which, quite obviously, doesn't protect them from the front anyway)...would you buy your kids bulletproof backpacks as a possible extra barrier of protection?