Working With A Diva
Sometimes I sit in the studio in absolute shock at what comes out of my co host's mouth. It's official. I work with a diva.
5 Things to do the Next Time Facebook Crashes
Earlier today, Thursday September 24th, 2015 (a day we will never forget) - Facebook crashed. It left many staring at their phones and computers in disbelief not knowing what to do. Here are a few suggestions for the next time this disaster happens...
Weird Free Stuff on Craigslist Jersey Shore
I know a lot of people who have had a lot of success buying and selling things on Craigslist. Have you ever browsed the "Free" section under "For Sale." There are some, um, interesting things up for grabs at no cost to you. Here are some examples...
Mother’s Letter to 13-Year-Old Son Goes Viral
Let's face it, we were all obnoxious, rude and clueless sometimes (or all the time) when we were 13. It took a reality check from Mom or Dad to get us back on track. How those "reality checks" took form varied. This Mom decided to write her son a letter after he said he was to…
Father-Daughter Dance Song Ideas
As the wedding planning continues, every now and then I like to think about the less stressful, more fun song choices!
Duzzy and I were talking about it, and had a pretty good idea for the father-daughter dance...or maybe our walk-in song.
Secret Service Code Name Generator
There were a lot of issues covered at the GOP debate on Wednesday night. I'd like to say that I watched the entire three hours to "narrow down the candidates," but in reality I watched to see the Donald Trump travelling road show. If you made it all the way to end of the debate, the modera…

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