Help the MCSPCA As They Rescue Dogs from Houston
The Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA) has just taken in 100 dogs and got them settled into their shelter at 1 am (this morning!) These poor animals came out of the Hurricane Harvey area of devastation in Texas. And that is only the beginning. Here's how you can help.
There Is No Place Like Home
Three years after Sandy, there are STILL neighbors of yours who haven't been able to afford to rebuild, lift, or otherwise fix up their homes enough to move back in. These families continue to struggle to keep their kids in their 'home' school district (which they may now have to pay to do), and som…
The Odds of a Hurricane Hitting the Same Place Twice
Right now I am in a mixed state of denial, shock, and dread. Any forecast that includes the terms 'high winds' , 'flood warnings' and the dreaded word 'hurricane' makes me want to pick up and move away from my beloved shoreline. Like many of you, I don't know how I…

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