Jessie Frank was trying to get from Washington to Atlanta to pick up her 12 year old daughter who was at a summer camp for kids with Type I Diabetes, and it wasn't going well.

It should have only been a two hour flight hour, but after all kinds of delays, it looked like she was going to be late to get to her daughter, according to

By the time it was time to board, Jessie found herself 8th on the stand-by list and there were absolutely no seats available. So you could imagine her surprise when she heard her name called to board.

She didn't find out until the plane landed that the CEO of Delta, Richard Anderson, gave up his seat and wound up using a jump seat in the cockpit so that there would be a seat for Jessie so she could get to her daughter on time.

Word of the story started getting around when Jessie wrote a thank you letter to the CEO on Facebook.

I love to hear stories like this. There's so much bad news in the world that a story like this makes you feel a little better about people and things around us. Good job!