Jacquie Lee stood on The Voice stage last night and belted out another amazing performance that made us all proud, but so did all the other contestants.

Jacquie sang her version of the heart wrenching "Angel" made famous by Sarah McLachlan. This is one of the most emotional songs ever written and despite her age, Jacquie captured the true feelings of the song, as she has shown us she is so capable of doing week after week.

At this stage of the competition, however, you can expect all contestants to be at the top of their game and for the most part they were. There was no lack of phenomenal performances last night, including Tessanne Chin's inspired performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and James Wolpert's "With or Without You".

So now it comes down to the voting. Jacquie was amazing, but at this point every vote counts, so make sure you vote or go to iTunes to download the song. If you missed the performance, you can check it out at The Voice website and to vote visit The Voice's voting page.

The number to vote for Jacquie is 1-855-VOICE-03.