It's called "Step Back for a Moment" and it's a concert and video presentation about how there is hope for ending the heroin epidemic in our backyard. And this show is aimed at your teens and young adults.

Will Evans (and also Chevy Lopez from Brielle) will be performing this Saturday, June 7th, 2014, 6:30 pm, at the Algonquin Arts Theater in Manasquan as part of a very special show aimed to relate to your high schoolers, college kids, and community teens and young adults about what is happening around them and to their friends and how they can avoid the tragedy of a drug addiction...and to also express how addiction does not have to be a life sentence.

Emily Dayton, from You Cannot Be Replaced, brought a wonderful young adult named Quinn Batcho from Point Pleasant to our studio this morning to talk about losing her best friend to heroin, watching other acquaintances die from the drug, and having nine friends in recovery. This is a girl from a beautiful neighborhood at the Jersey Shore where most people would love to live...except for our Jersey Shore's dirty little secret. Heroin addiction. Parents: it's happening here. To our kids or their friends. And we need to educate them on what really happens when you succumb to peer pressure and pop that first pill or try heroin....even one time.

This show doesn't lecture. It's not a seminar for adults. It's young adults from our community who have been there and are speaking to their peers through music and videos of those willing to lay out their stories for all to see.

Emily Dayton co-founded You Cannot Be Replaced, which is the non-profit putting on this show. Their goal is to tell our middle schoolers, teens, and young adults just how unique and loved they are and help them develop the self esteem they need to learn to love themselves, choose life, and make the right choices even when up against peer pressure.

CLICK HERE for ticket info....or get your tickets at the door. Any way you can, for whoever you can, get them there!